Be the Business and drive your career with Amanda Black & Sibongile Khumalo

AMPD Sibongile Khumalo & Amanda Black

Be the Business and drive your career with Amanda Black & Sibongile Khumalo


According to South African megastar Amanda Black, in order to get ahead in business and in music you need someone to support your career, not guide your career. She has a management team and a label who all help manage her affairs, but the award-winning music artist makes it clear that you need to be the business, it is she who drives the business of Amanda Black.

Amanda insists that you need to think about your career, that it is your job to dream the dreams. If you have a manager or a recording contract with a music label who can push those buttons and levers for you, you still need to be the one driving that machine working even harder at driving the energy and direction of your career. No one is going to invest in you if you don’t invest in yourself.

In her music creation as well as in her finances Amanda sets little goals for herself that she wants to achieve. Being comfortable makes you complacent and she believes that if you give yourself little goals to challenge you, you can reach even greater heights.

“Artists like to think things will just fall from the tree. Things are not going to fall from the tree.” – Amanda Black

Mam Sibongile Khumalo performed at some of the greatest stages in history, President Nelson Mandela’s 75th Birthday and 1994 Inauguration, and she got there by committing to herself and her music as she wanted to create it. The multiple honorary doctorate winner Sibongile feels similarly to Amanda in that she takes ownership over her career, not letting others dictate to her that she make “trendy music.” for Sibongile, the music was a message that needed to be said the way she wanted to say it.

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