Being unique and standing out with Slikour

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Being unique and standing out with Slikour


Let’s be honest when you’re a member of Skwatta Kamp it might be easy to rest on your laurels, to think that you’ve really achieved and maybe now is the time to chill out with your earnings and put your feet up at the beach. That however was never Slikour’s destiny, and that is something essential to his success, and possibly yours.

Much of how the inspirational Slikour sees success is that he never rests on what he has succeeded at, and more than that considers the success that your ancestors have had is also yours and also needs to be expanded upon. That historical legacy informs who you are, drawing from the legacy of your forebears.

Few executives are out there looking out for your story, for your history, and perhaps you aren’t either? They’ll listen for a few minutes and then start talking about the mainstream, neglecting the importance of your story. As Slikour mentions, we all know that 50Cent has been shot 9 times, and that is an essential part of his story, it’s not important that he has gotten shot, what is important is that we know. You also need to know and respect your story and where you come from. Where you come from, makes you unique, it makes you you and will inform you and your artistic character for your entire life.

You are not a song, you are a community, you are a life. People resonate with you because you said something in your song that touched somebody, they felt your love/hurt/pain/joy because it is a part of you and your story. As soon as you get broken down into just a song, just a commodity for selling then you lose that magic because the connection will be broken.

Consider when you are creating, that you are telling your story, and your story is what makes you, and it’s what gave you success. So respect your history, and build your legacy.

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