Don’t take no for an answer, educate yourself with DJ Shimza

Dj Shimza Part 1(first 30 Minutes)

Don’t take no for an answer, educate yourself with DJ Shimza


Serendipity is a word which has particular relevance for the career of megastar DJ Shimza, awards flowed from an early age, but it was a stroke of luck that led him to find out that he was a truly talented DJ.

DJ Shimza tells us about how he used to take different routes when travelling home, and one day he walked past a house that was playing something that he had never heard before, which was unusual as he was always collecting the latest mixes, he stood outside listening until one of the guys came out and asked him if he wanted to come listen inside. He found himself in a space with actual DJ’s who could guide him and mentor him.

They landed up training each day, driving each other to be better and it created in him an urge to be the best. They didn’t have the best equipment, or fancy Technics turntables, but they worked with what they had and drove each other to be the best they could possibly be.

For 5 years he worked with belt-drive turntables, but you can’t wait for better turntables, those 5 years made him become better than all the guys with fancy decks.

He couldn’t ask for better equipment or vinyls from his mom because she was focussed 100% on his education. The parental focus in his mom’s life was that Shimza become something stable, something like a doctor. Far from being upset by this, he could see the value in his mother’s goals for him but he never took that as a “no” he used the adversity to take control of his own path in life, he knew he’d have to be the one driving his future path in this “Dj thing” and seek out his own education.

Persistence led to him asking his friends to assist him in getting a ticket to the South African Music Conference, which was held at historic music venue, The Bassline in Johannesburg. The event was organised by some of the most successful music industry legends; DJ Fresh, Oskido, Vinny da Vinci, Greg Maloka and DJ Christos.

That persistence (and great friends – shout out to Dominic and Small) led to him actually doing exactly what his mother wanted him to do, get an education. He attended the conference daily, and it helped him do exactly what education does, it “unlocked his mind.”

Instead of becoming a doctor, he found the “professors” that he wanted to fulfil his own dream. Each day listening to experienced people who had already been through what he was about to go through.

Keep an open mind, become a sponge for knowledge, be greedy when people give advice in the music industry, inhale their experiences and use them to make money, to make a great career.

Listen to DJ Shimza (Part 1) You cant wait for better turntables here.

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  • Kgosietsile Madikgetla
    Posted at 18:37h, 29 August Reply

    Powerful words from Shimza, I can relate to his situation and what he went through because it is currently exactly what I’m dealing with torn between academics and pursuing my dream to become one of the best DJs and music producers in the country, much love to the big bro and ampdstudios.

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