My journey to being Fresh A Lesson From Dj Fresh- The Podcast Part 1

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My journey to being Fresh A Lesson From Dj Fresh- The Podcast Part 1

You may not know this, and perhaps this echoes a little bit with your life, but DJ Fresh was not always “DJ FRESH”, he started out as many of us do, as a young boy being bullied for being different, for being chubby, for “having a large head.”

His Nickname from a young age was “Fresh”, not because he was the freshest cat in school, but because he was looked at like fresh meat by the bullies, that name was not positive and it took a lot from him to reclaim it and make it his own. It wasn’t only his fellow students who were coming for him, his teachers did the same. 


When his Grade 5 class was asked to write a letter to a person who donated to their school, he included the phrase “I’m a young, handsome 10 years old”, his teacher (who quite frankly does not deserve the term teacher associated with her) told him something nasty, which we don’t need to repeat, and for the first time he didn’t keep silent he responded with that classic DJ Fresh intelligence and wit … and he got into a lot of trouble.  It was at that time that he realized that Its important to never let anyone determine how you feel about yourself or your self-esteem. 


DJ Fresh, who landed up becoming one of thee legends in SA radio, took that lesson and remembered it, and he learned how to get the last word when he was under “attack”. Even when it was his mother he made sure he had the smartest funniest last word, except as you could well expect he did not say those aloud to his mother.


Fresh considers this one of the first steps into radio, as it started him practicing thinking on his feet because you obviously need that for radio, and so in one year he had gone from being the bullied kid to being the “Fresh” kid, with even his teacher calling him by that name, and so Fresh as we know him now was born, so in many ways, Fresh considers it that bullying prepared him for the entertainment industry. He had taken something that was negative and turned it around and found the silver lining. 


Have you published a demo online, have you posted some new artwork for your EP on Twitter? if you have done these or anything else with your art, you would have received negativity, mockery, and perhaps even hatred. Unfortunately, the entertainment industry is not the kind of business that will give you a hot water bottle and tell you are great. It’s relentlessly on the attack, no matter who you are and you will need to be strong enough to handle that negativity.

Take a lesson from Fresh, start changing the way you receive the negativity, and how you respond to it. That person on Twitter is not important enough to ruin your day, or your confidence starts taking the negatives and working with them, seeing them as opportunities to either clap-back or to learn from. 


In the end, you’ll become your own Fresh.

Listen to the Podcast:

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