There’s more than one path to success with Catherine Grenfell

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There’s more than one path to success with Catherine Grenfell


Some are desperate, absolutely desperate to succeed, desperate to break into an industry that is notorious for closed doors and limited opportunities. Many of you reading this will have challenges that can be overwhelming, but rest assured you are not alone in this, people have all sorts of struggles, even those who you think have everything sorted in life.

For many radio fans the voice of Catherine Grenfell was ubiquitous with our enjoyment of radio. Her authentic voice, telling stories with long time radio partner DJ Fresh of her normal life, brought a connection to DJ’s that we hadn’t yet had, let alone the fact that she was a woman in an extremely male dominated world. She went from strength to strength as she produced multiple shows, but as the years went on she found herself not giving 100% to the shows and she knew she had to leave in order to rekindle her creative spirit.

She had always had cool side hustle projects creating content and so her focus was on doing that permanently in a freelance capacity after leaving 5fm. This worked out for a bit, until suddenly budgets started getting cut, work started drying up and here she was a single mom of 3 kids no work coming in.

She wasn’t worried though, she had spent years becoming a personal brand that the country knew or so she thought … her CV, her years of work becoming the working person she was suddenly didn’t seem to matter and she found herself completely out of work, even with DJ Fresh on her CV. (Reminder: single mom. 3 kids)

“I think I stayed in my pyjamas for 5 days” – Catherine Grenfell

It took brazenness and a strength of character for her to get herself out of that slump. It also took a change in her attitude to what she wanted to do. The opportunities that she wanted were not forthcoming, but sometimes the opportunities you want are not the ones you’re going to get. What are you going to do then, are you going to burn that bridge or are you going to make the most of the challenge in front of you and learn a new skill which shows you a whole new world of opportunities, with more than one path to success.

You are doing that right now, reading this blog, listening to people like Catherine, Yvonne Chaka-Chaka, Sipho Hotstix Mabuse and more. Continue seeking knowledge as you focus on your creative career. Keep learning as you go, because you just don’t know what amazing opportunities are waiting for you.

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