Top 5 Money Decisions for your First 5 Cheques

Top 5 Money Moves With Raphael Benza & Nota Baloyi

Top 5 Money Decisions for your First 5 Cheques


Raphael Benza has been behind some of the most important artists that South Africa and indeed the entire African continent has produced. For the founder of globally renowned Vth Season these are the top 5 money decisions for your first 5 big cheques that he thinks musical artists should live by, and we’re here to get you in on the action. Sometimes these lists can seem a bit scary and perhaps even boring, but you know if Raphael Benza is speaking it’s not going to be your usual Top 5 list.

Big Cheque Number 1: Buy yourself some clothes, but not Louis Vuitton and not Gucci.

After your first big paycheck, spend some money on looking good. Clothes are an investment in how you look, you are going to be seen in public and on social media, and hopefully, people are going to see a lot of you, make sure you look correct.

Big Cheque Number 2: Take care of your debt.

If there is a loanshark you owe, or you owe money on a car or perhaps you owe your family member R50. Go and pay that money off, if you dont it will only get worse and become a bigger problem.

Big Cheque Number 3: Buy an Asset, or two.

Assets come in a variety of different forms, it could be an apartment, a studio space or even mics and instruments. All of these things are appreciating assets that can help you keep going and will help you achieve your goals.

Big Cheque Number 4: Invest

Try to get some money in investments like unit trusts, or other funds that help you lay the foundations of financial security. These are investments that will keep growing, after big cheque number 4 you should not be spending money on things that disappear, focus on growing your money through investments.

Big Cheque Number 5: For You

Go on a holiday. Yes, we told you that Raphael was a different kind of guy. You may not think you need it, but after big cheque number 5, you have been hustling for a long time. Don’t forget to look after yourself and to keep your energy and spirits high, clear your mind and get ready for working on big cheque number 6.

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