Can You Write Down What You Do In 1 Sentence With Zwai Bala?- The Podcast Part 2

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Can You Write Down What You Do In 1 Sentence With Zwai Bala?- The Podcast Part 2

You need to build something that is valuable enough that it just stands on its own and makes money on its own, but to do that you need to spend time on it. Who is the person who believes in your idea the most, the person who bleeds it deep in their heart? That person is you, you are the only one who will love your dream as much as you do, so in order to make it a reality you need to be the one putting the most effort into it. 

So you know you need to work hard, but you also need to know what your dreams are, exactly. You simply cannot have your dreams floating in your head, you need to be able to physically write it down on a piece of paper. Can you write down what you do in 1 sentence? Some businesses call that a vision statement or a mission statement, you need to know how to summarise what you do and it’s essential to see it on a piece of paper. 

“You need to write it down” – Zwai Bala

Take note of what your mission statement is, take an aerial view of it so you can see it clearly. Once you have done that, you can start to be critical and to see the bits that are extra and unimportant to the overall vision, once you can start cutting away what’s not necessary, you’ll see your true vision in front of you.

According to Zwai, once you’ve done that, you’ll stop complaining as much because often we create the problems that we complain about. He explained to his son that there used to be a cycle of exams every Tuesday which he used to worry and fear all weekend, instead of studying for that exam. So all that time spent worrying could have been spent studying, and he would never have to worry about it again because he was prepared for it.

“When you prepare for what you are afraid of, you will no longer have that fear.” – Zwai Bala

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