Work against the pressure with Amanda Black

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Work against the pressure with Amanda Black


Amanda Black knows exactly how to work under pressure and she chooses to work against it. To do that, it’s important to understand your surroundings, the industry, the people that hang around you and most importantly, to understand yourself within that ecosystem.

Especially as an artist, the pressure doesn’t go away, including the stress of making money, and what happens when it disappears. Amanda stresses the importance of having these scary conversations about the future with yourself and to prepare for it. Have a vision that guides you, so that instead of crumbling you become that diamond made under pressure.

“Have a vision in front of you that guides you.” – Amanda Black

The award-winning superstar, who knows how to make money in music, does not drive a Mercedes Benz. She comes under immense pressure to live up to certain expectations that other people have about her. However, she knows that although you may live in the limelight, this is “still real life, financial problems are real life.” Living according to your means, and having a financial plan will guide you on how to be a success. Then maybe one day you’ll drive that Mercedes, but until then, an i10 will get you where you need to be.

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  • Sphiwe Masango
    Posted at 08:34h, 14 August Reply

    This is truly great. I applaud AMPD Studios for collaborating with Old Mutual and South African artists so they can educate aspiring musicians on what to expect once they break into the music industry and how to use their earnings.

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