Wow Lifestyle on a LOL Budget with DJ Tira & John Manyike

Making The Right Investment Decisions With Dj Tira & John Manyike

Wow Lifestyle on a LOL Budget with DJ Tira & John Manyike


When he was a little younger and perhaps a touch foolish media mogul and South African music legend DJ Tira bought a Mini Cooper convertible, he was one of the first and he was the main man, but that Mini Cooper convertible, “where is it now?” 

According to him, and many of the brilliant musicians who have been advising us at the AMPD Studio Masterclasses is to invest properly. Make the right investment decision if you are going to be putting your money into assets. The investment that DJ Tira put into the  Mini Cooper Convertible could have been put into property where it could have been expanding his wealth and he could reinvest that in his music career, instead it’s a story he can tell about a mistake that he made.

This is the perfect moment to learn from his mistakes so you don’t have to. Head of Financial Information John Manyike had a similar statement to make when chatting with DJ Tira in this masterclass, and that is that too many live a “wow lifestyle on a LOL budget.” 

DJ Tira took this knowledge and gave another insight into his success as a musician. “Clothing labels will make you penniless”, and that it’s more important to look presentable than to wear a label. You need to be clean, from your clothes to your haircut, you simply do not know when you might bump into the person who wants to invest in you, and they are not worrying about your labels they just want to see that you are presentable. 

How you look and how you act has a profound impact on your success, always show up at your best and your chances of success will be that much stronger.

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