Old Mutual AMPD Studios Response to COVID-19

Old Mutual AMPD Studios Response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

While social distancing may be part of our new normal, collaboration and connection remains important now more than ever, and having a safe place to do that is essential.


We want our community and members to know that they can make the Old Mutual AMPD Studios part of their day, and feel comfortable that their safety has been considered.


That’s why have enhanced our spaces and services to protect the well-being of our communities —ensuring that members can continue working in a safe and healthy work environment.

Preparing the new work environment

We have made space and service updates to maintain hygiene safety and physical distancing in the following ways:

Prioritizing personal space

By modifying shared spaces with staggered seating and sanitizing zones, teams can operate in the workplace while still maintaining a healthy physical distance from colleagues and fellow members.

Increased sanitization

We’ve implemented heightened cleaning measures to ensure the health and wellbeing of our members. We disinfect common areas more frequently and provide personal protection equipment on arrival to all our guests.

Behavioral signage

New cleaning standards and capacity protocols has been reinforced with strategically-placed signage which include friendly reminders to members and guests that the wellbeing of our community depends on all of us playing our part.

Our enhanced cleaning

By maintaining and enhancing our cleaning measures, our members and community can expect heightened cleaning and hygiene standards that align with guidance provided by the CDC, WHO, and local health organizations.


This includes:

  • Increased frequency of daytime cleaning and sanitization
  • Expanded availability of hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, alcohol sprays, and gels throughout the building.
  • Provision of gloves to Community teams and members, and face coverings worn by Community teams.
  • Installation of touch-free soap dispensers and hand drying towels in all restrooms.

The future built on your wellbeing

As we navigate the evolving realities of COVID-19, we are looking ahead to what the future of the workplace holds for all of us. Our teams are working tirelessly to ensure that whatever comes next that we’ll be ready for it, together. Above all else, we are committed to making sure that all our members can continue to work with peace of mind and focus on what matters most.